martedì 31 dicembre 2013


Born in 1997 from the myriad of sounds that comprise the New Orleans music scene, Aural Elixir's eclectic piano and vocal jazz-rock-folk fusion has been delighting audiences for over fifteen years. Often compared to Tori Amos & Joni Mitchell, Jesse Maclaine's performance as Aural Elixir delivers versatile, soulful music that is both accessible and defies categorization. "Partially Domesticated Amazon: Exposed!" is the 1st in a series of 3 records entitled "Aural Elixir Three Ways." This series explores three different approaches to making an album from the same studio sessions. This first version is a live trio, 3 real time performances with no overdubs or other types of extreme electronic manipulation. With this CD, we pay homage to our musical ancestors. The few who were blessed with the opportunity to record their music did not have the luxuries afforded us by modern technology. They all gathered in one room and recorded their songs into one microphone, no computers, no special effects, no Auto-Tune, only people making music together in the same space and time."Partially Domesticated Amazon:Exposed!" shows our creativity, our strengths, our flaws, our individuality, our improvised synergistic convergences and captures the real moments involved in the mystical process of making music. AURAL ELIXIR

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