sabato 28 dicembre 2013


Blue Dice Band, one of Tampa Bay's premiere Independent Recording Artist, formed in 1995. Blue Dice Band is an 8 piece Horn Driven, Hard Hittin' Funk, Jazz, and Rockin' Blues Powerhouse, inspired by the soulful talents of 8 musicians who write, compose and introduced the band with all of their original music ideas and material recorded to date. The flavor and multiple genre's of the music continues to evolve. Blue Dice Band performs throughout the south in various Blues and Jazz Music Festivals, Universal Studios, Disney World and several West Coast Florida venues that support the Blues and Jazz Independent Recording Music scene. To date, the group has released 3 CD's, with a 4th CD soon to be released. Blue Dice Band's 2nd CD "Why Now" was co-produced by the legendary producer Jim Gaines. Jim's resume, as a producer, includes national recording artists Carlos Santana, Huey Lewis, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Steve Miller Band, Bernard Allison, Tower of Power, and many more. Blue Dice Band live in concert is an inspiring soulful event that will satisfy any music lover's taste buds. BLUE DICE BAND

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