venerdì 24 gennaio 2014


From the first notes of the very first track, I suspected I was going to enjoy this, the 4th album from Bonnie. I wasn't disappointed. Bonnie has always had great taste in material. Standards (Roger and Hart, Oliver Nelson) sit comfortably alongside contemporary pop tunes. (Stevie Wonder is a favorite). But it is on her original material that she demonstrates her maturity as an artist. The polished arrangements and sound speak for her attention to detail as singer AND producer. Of course having great collaborators helps. Co-producer and songwriter Graham Jess's sax and flute playing complement Bonnie's smoky, soulful vocals perfectly. All the players, the cream of Sydney's jazz musos, are at the top of their game here and sound like they are really enjoying their work. The whole album swings and includes more than a hint of "Latin tinge". Perfect for a sunny Autumn afternoon. BONNIE J JENSEN

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