domenica 26 gennaio 2014


Dylan Meek is one of the up and coming talents of the modern music scene. He's a virtuoso pianist, fresh sounding composer and soulful singer. His first album illuminates all his talents and is the first shot across the bow of his upcoming long and successful career.In the 21st century jazz is blessed with yet another golden age of young jazz pianists. Still in their twenties are stars like Eldar Djangirov, Jonathan Batiste, and Aaron Diehl, while slightly older veterans like Bill Charlap, Ted Rosenthal, Renee Rosnes, and Brad Meldau, delight audiences every time they sit behind a keyboard. Even in such August company, Dylan Meek stands out.
Dylan is one of the most original and versatile pianists to come along in the last decade, a true keeper of the Jazz Flame. He has thrilled audiences at Harlem's Lenox Lounge and every other venue he performs at in New York City with his glorious performances blending Blues, BeBop, Stride, Gospel, Boogie Woogie, and Swing, a capsule history of jazz piano styles of the past and the present. When people look up and see a young, blond, Texas born, musician still in his early twenties, there is a moment of shock. Even the noisiest crowd stops and listens, blown away by the energy, fire, spirit, and originality of Dylan's solos.This Debut disc features originals (Passion Fruit, And When, Two Sweet) and standards ( Gee, Baby, Ain't I Good to You, When you wish upon a Star, Wail, and Yesterdays). Accompanied by master musicians Ben Wolfe on bass, and Gregory Hutchinson on drums, at the top of their game, Meek gives forth a program so exciting that one can hardly sit still. A fantastic set by a musician who will undoubtedly influence generations of pianists and musicians to come. DYLAN MEEK


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