venerdì 3 gennaio 2014


Saxophone player with a degree in classical music, specialized in the United States on Berklee College of Music (Boston). In his career he has had many successes in different areas of music. From classical music, popular music, jazz, soul, funk, playing in various ensembles from small groups to orchestras, from club music (even playing on the street) to concert and sport halls, in fifteen years of his career, Igor Gerzina has worked with almost all important people on the Croatian music scene. Some of them are known outside Croatia such as: jazz vibraphonist Bosko Petrovic, jazz composer Miljenko Prohaska, guitarist Elvis Stanic, arranger Silvije Glojnaric. He has had more than 70 discography releases, around thirty music videos, the whole line of television shows and programs, appearances as a guest player in radio shows. He has won many awards, among which are two Porin awards, three Status awards, Crni macak award and many nominations. He has also got several awards on State competitions. IGOR GERZINA

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