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The creative duo of Kenny Marshall and Kevin W. Peery started in early 2005. Kenny Marshall, a legendary guitar picker and well respected singer/songwriter was paired with an unknown lyricist/storyteller from North Central Missouri, Kevin W. Peery.Since the first collaborative meeting Marshall/Peery exhibited instant energy, crafting more than 50 original songs to date.A TAXI Review of Marshall in 2005, compared him to another guitar picking legend, Mark Knopfler!!
Kenny's ability to play 5 string banjo, resonator, acoustic, electric, & bass guitar makes folks take notice. A "Guitar Player Magazine", review of Kenny Marshall highlights his ability to find depth and tone.Peery writes about his personal life experiences. The cold hard truth bleeds from his pen onto the page. It's only when you listen and take time to digest the lyrics that you can begin to feel the honest vulnerability embedded in his writing. Each project is reflected by Kevin, in an innate ability to dig up the past and offer it to the listener as if he were speaking directly to them.The Marshall/Peery Project have appeared on the Roots Music Report and Radio Free Texas charts on and off for more than 8 years. Their most recent release "Life's Too Short" will be the the featured CD of the month in March 2013, on both Radio Free Texas and Roothog Radio. Many Americana radio stations across the country are now spinning songs from the album and "Life's Too Short" is now being played regularly in Germany, Serbia, Belgium, Norway, France, the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Australia & Japan. 

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