domenica 5 gennaio 2014


Daniel “Weenie” Farrow, born in New Orleans in 1932, played Blues and Jazz on the local scene since 1950. Highly in demand ever since throughout the United States and Europe, he has also appeared with R&B singers Shirley & Lee in the late 50s, and now at Preservation Hall. One of his trademarks is his beautiful, emotional and individual tone. Norbert Susemihl, born in 1956 in Germany, played and studied New Orleans Music since the 70s, and has been living and performing part-time in the Crescent City and Europe since 1978. He covers a wide range of New Orleans styles. Susemihl and Farrow played regularly on the Mississippi riverboats through the 80s. This is their first recording together. Seva Vernet has been active on the New Orleans music scene since 1999, playing, composing and teaching music, and also performing and touring abroad. He is a regular with Lionel Ferbos, the Treme Brass Band, his own Storyville Stringband and other bands in the city. His rhythmic approach bears a strong resemblance to the legendary Danny Barker. Kerry Lewis, born in New Orleans in 1973, is one of the leading bass players in the city today, both in traditional jazz and other fields. This is reflected in the multitude of CDs he has contributed to. He cofounded a record company and leads his own band, Abstract. His tone is very strong and natural, swinging and rich in rhythmic variations.


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