domenica 16 febbraio 2014


This album bills itself as the “Sound of Asbury Park.” Bingo. Guitarist Danny Petroni has done the Garden State proud. Somewhere “The Boss” is smiling. Somewhere “Miami Steve” is smiling. Somewhere “Southside Johnny” is smiling. And blues-loving jazz heads everywhere will be smiling, too, when they hear this disc. Petroni created this project to provide a little bit of work for the musicians, engineers and studios of Asbury Park that suffered so badly in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. He assembled a star-studded New Jersey cast to perform here—from Gary Oleyar on violin and Gene Boccia on bass to Dave Halpern and John Allen on drums and many more. It’s an eclectic blues stew with a sharp jazz edge. At the centerpiece of this excellent recording is a true surprise for jazz fans. Ku-umba Frank Lacy adds deep, cool vocals—not to mention amazing horn arrangements that compete with the best of the Miami Horns. The result is one of my favorite albums of the year, so far. “I’ve Seen Everything” swings hard as a hysterical opening tune. The next track, “Tastes Like Chicken,” ain’t far behind! “I’ve Changed My Ways” slides in as a beautiful ballad. “Peanut Butter & Jelly” delivers. “Mouse In The House” offers a sad look at the extermination business of love. And Petroni’s beautiful, reverb-filled “Diminishing Returns” offers a touching conclusion to this 10-song set. Sandy couldn’t take these guys out. It just spurred their artistry. They deserve a few minutes of your attention.THE BLUE PROJECT

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