sabato 15 marzo 2014


GB Roots is the powerful collaboration of guitarist/banjo player Dave Barber, and female bassist Kirby Green. Together these two musicians create an organic blend of rich duo vocals, heavy modern Blues Rock feels, with a hint of haunting banjo.Growing up in separate ends of Western Canada (BC and SK) Dave and Kirby began collaborating while studying music at Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton, AB. For the past few years they've been songwriting, recording and performing as GB Roots throughout Canada. Most recently they've finished recording their debut album "The Key" in Jan of 2014. Thanks to the backing of Rawlco Radio they were able to record at the legendary Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, BC owned by Bryan Adams. They also had the opportunity to work with an incredible engineer/co-producer Eric Mosher, and immensely talented musicians Jerry Adolphe and Tyson Naylor. The album is an organic blend of Kirby and Dave's musical backgrounds, drawing from Rock, Blues, Country, and Bluegrass roots. This blend of their sound  is where the name GB Roots was derived from (Green/Barber roots)As well as being involved in GB Roots, Dave and Kirby come from years of honing their vocal and instrumental crafts backing other artists throughout Canada and the USA. Collectively they've had the honor of backing such artists as Michelle Wright, Bonnie Guitar, Carolyn Dawn Johnson, Chad Brownlee, Dallas Smith, Sean Hogan, Jason McCoy, Small Town Pistols(Amanda and Tyler Wilkinson), The Higgins, Crystal Shawanda, Dean Brody, Samantha King, Lisa Hewitt, Brett Kissel, Jason Greeley, Karen Lee Batten, Tenille, Tera Lee, Tracey Miller, Chad Klinger, Rob Heath, Vissia Sisters, Command Sisters, Gord Matthews, Tiffany Dowhan, Erin Haley, Leah Durelle, Charlie Ryan (Hot Rod Lincoln), Eli Barsi and several other wonderful artists! They have also had the honour of performing on many of Canada's most wonderful stages for festivals, fairs, theatres and casinos. GB ROOTS

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