lunedì 31 marzo 2014


Local husband and wife folk blues duo Good Diction is a great example of the kind of group that reaffirms my commitment to independent music and provides an ever welcome source of inspiration.The key to the blues (or any style really) is authenticity. Frontman Peter Bodurtha’s lyrics have strong mythical and literary qualities to them. At the same time, songs like If I Were a British Man or I Just Want to Talk display an earnest sense of wit and cleverness that make their stories personal.Much like Meg White (and I mean that in the best way possible), Percussionist Julie Bodurtha’s minimalist approach adds a certain amount innocence and playfulness to the music that really ropes the listener in and highlights the nuances.  As the lengthy stomp-fest 1789 W Broadway Ave Blues demonstrates, all of the intangibles are present and Good Diction successfully accomplishes what all good blues bands must do: trick you into not realizing your hearing the blues. Wholehearted showmanship goes a long way and the overall effect is the temporary illusion of experiencing something new, vai raw, undiscovered, and—most importantly—real. GOOD DICTION

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