martedì 18 marzo 2014


Harpin’ On Blues is a dynamic and involving live music show that revisiting the recordings of most popular harmonica players of blues history presents a journey through the roots of country blues, Chicago style of '50s and '60s and more modern swing, funk and R&B.The passion for the harmonica, for the blues and music in general, the long-time friendship among the musicians of the band and the special instrumentation taken continuously feed a vast repertoire ranging from songs by Little Walter, James Cotton, Junior Wells, William Clarke, Norton Buffalo, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Magic Sam and many others.The intense live activity moves from small clubs to outdoor events, to prestigious blues festivals, where Harpin’ On Blues have played as the opening act for major international blues artists including Bob Margolin, Mark Hummel, Brian Templeton and Sofie Reed.The band consists of Paolo Demontis (harmonica, sax, vocals), Beppe Rainero (guitar, dobro, vocals), Gianluca Martini (double bass, vocals), Massimo Gianoglio (drums, vocals). HARPIN' ON BLUES

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