lunedì 31 marzo 2014


Michael Zigon is an L.A based Musician who incorporates Blues,Funk.R&B,Bluegrass,Folk and Psychedelic Rock in to his sound. When asked about his eclectic style of music Michael had this to say. "I never listened to one type of music. I was always jumping from style to style. I remember when I was eleven or twelve I went in to my local record store with my mom. I asked the store keeper for a Blink 182 CD and after he got it for me I asked him for a Grateful Dead album. I remember the shop keeper just laughed saying "ok Blink 182 and Grateful Dead I've never sold those together". " but thats what I love about music you can make it anything you want it to be and it is impossible to be wrong because there is no right way to do it". As you can see Michael approaches his music in a way that nobody gets left out. there is something for everyone. MICHAEL ZIGON

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