domenica 2 marzo 2014


MORBLUS (I) has been a synonym of an intriguing sound of Blues, Soul, Bluesrock and Rhythm & Blues for more than 20 years.The spirit and soul of their music does not only become apparent live on stage but also in their publications (7 CDs, 1 DVD) which mainly consist of original songs written and arranged by frontman Roberto Morbioli.There’s one thing in common: With their wide repertoire of blues classics, modern soul pieces and original compositions and with an unbridled amount of adrenaline, the quartet, around, MORBLUS evokes a unforgettable music experience which with its power and groove carries its audiences away more than any other act in the European music scene.Well known for their energetic sound, by fans and musicians alike, in Europe and beyond, Morblus has toured Italy with John Mayall, and Robben Ford and played the legendary B.B. King Blues Club in Memphis Tennessee.In their more than 20 years of band history, MORBLUS looks back at an impressing journey to the great stages in Europe and acquired a big fan community escpecially in their home country Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Luxemburg.In 2011, MORBLUS played more than 80 concerts, for example at the Sierre Blues Festival in Switzerland, the Blues’n Jazz Rallye in Luxemburg or the Trasimeno Blues Festival in Italy. MORBLUS

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