lunedì 7 aprile 2014


Karen Vrijburg is a jazzvocalist/composer based in The Netherlands. A collision with jazz early in life ignited a lifelong journey of free exploration which she describes as ”a long and turbulent but very satisfying love affair” with music. She occasionally performs in the Amsterdam area in an intimate high voltage setting. She lives with her family near the coast of the North Sea.Karen Vrijburg voice compositions ( track 1,2,3,5,9,11)
Dirk Balthaus piano, string arrangements Marco Zenini bass,
Etienne Nillesen drums
Natalio Sued tenor saxophone, clarinet, flute Jasper Le Clercq violin Jeffrey Bruinsma violin Oene van Geel viola Emile Visser cello.
Recorded at Powersound Studio, Amsterdam, Sound Engineer - Paul Pouwer Producer - Karen Vrijburg Label-Distribution- Berthold Records, Germany, Photograpy - Keke Keutelaa. KAREN VRIJBURG


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