domenica 20 aprile 2014


Kent was born June 10, 1971 in Baptist Hospital, Memphis, TN to Mildred Jean Burnside and Joe Eddie Johnson. He grew up in North Mississippi in the Holly Springs area where he was influenced by his grandfather, RL Burnside, at a very young age. RL started teaching Kent how to play guitar at 9 yrs. old telling him, "you gotta take a groove and just keep on driving it til you come up with your own style." In the beginning, Kent felt more comfortable playing the bass guitar but would eventually move on to lead and slide after watching RL, also being influenced by Duwayne, Gary, & Cedric Burnside. Some clubs and festivals Kent has played includes the Telluride Blues Festival, Minnesota Blues Festival, Buddy Guys, House of Blues, and received #1 at the Battle of the Blues Bands at Morgan Freeman's Ground Zero. The first record Lucky13 Recordings will be releasing for Kent is a compilation of two unreleased albums. The first, 'Never Again', features the entire Burnside family including Duwayne, Gary, RL Jr., Cedric, Joseph, Dexter & Calvin Jackson (Cedric's father). The second is a mix that produced by James Mathus (Squirrel Nut Zippers) including artists Eric Deaton, Lightening Malcolm, & Gary Burnside. Lucky13 Recordings then plans to have Kent travel to Los Angeles to record a studio and a live album with documentary footage produced by Jimmie Wood and Scott Hatch. Kent has 6 children, his oldest daughter Keanna attending college in California. KENT BURNSIDE

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