domenica 20 aprile 2014


Although he's previously dropped albums for the likes of Freestyle, "Big Picture" cements the new bond between Quasamodo and Jalapeno following a tester EP release last year. Boosted by the positive reaction to the EP, he's back and he's got both the Q Orchestra and long time vocal collaborator Thaliah covering his back. It's an explosive team, delivering 13 old school funk bombs, some of which are even peppered by the occasional rap! Every once in awhile the right combination of artists come together to create something that drips with the soul of pastime funk and the flare of contemporary grooves. Quasamodo meets up with the massive Q Orchestra from Freestyle Records, to bring you a new album that embodies the classic sound of the sultry disco days, in a fresh perspective. Eleven tunes featuring Thaliah, Jedi Scar Tissue, Theo Goutsidis, Valia and the unmistakableCoppa compelete this work of modern day funk mastery. QUASAMODO & THE Q ORCHESTRA

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