sabato 3 maggio 2014


Dexter Payne went to Latin America for a year and stayed for almost 3. But Brazil, he never left. Ranking in Downbeat Readers Poll twice and member of International Blues Challenge winners Lionel Young Band, he finds his muse in a variety of genres. But Brazil is where he hangs his hat. Check out the group with his name on it. WIth Bill Kopper, Dave Willey, Victor Mestas Pérez, Raoul Rossiter.It's like a fever when you start listening to this album—the way summer gets in the brain. By the time you get to the final song, "Lembrei do Ceara," you'll be contemplating a plane ticket to the Southern hemisphere. Downbeat Readers Poll Finalist ‘04 & ‘06, NBC Today Show, 9 yrs with the Big Sky Mudflaps, partnered with the late Judy Roderick 16 yrs, toured 3 yrs with BarBQ Bob. Lived and performed 2 1/2 yrs in Latin America (12 countries), playing with Thiago de Mello, Ruben Gonzales, Cachaito, recorded with Beth Carvalho. Performed with Thiago de Mello & Sharon Isbin at 92nd St Y, Hamptons Music Festival, and Mostra Internacional de Musica em Olinda (MIMO) Pernambuco, Brazil. World premier of Brazilian composer Thiago de Mello's A Flame in the Dark in NYC celebration of the International Declaration of Human Rights. Co-released two CDs with de Mello. DONT MISS: 25 yr old sessions of Judy Roderick with Dr John. Latest on Dexofon Records: Lionel Young Band "On Our Way To Memphis" Dexter currently tours internationally with Lionel Young Band, 2011 IBC champs. DEXTER PAYNE 

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