domenica 4 maggio 2014


Since the inception of the group, Diverse’s musical intent has always been to connect with all types of audiences. Diverse plays a brand of jazz that is heavily influenced by other modern day genres yet keeps a firm grasp on the tradition. The core members of this Kansas City based group are Hermon Mehari (trumpet), Ryan Lee (drums), and Ben Leifer (bass). Parisian pianist Tony Tixier has recently joined thegroup.Diverse released its sophomore album, "Our Journey" in 2014 featuring Tony Tixier and alto saxophonist Logan Richardson.  This documents the musical results of the group’s growth as a result of their individual and collectives travels and experiences. In 2009, Diverse released their self-titled debut album on Origin Records as a result of winning the 2008 Gene Harris Jazz Competition in Boise, Idaho. This album of twelve original compositions reached the Top 50 of the JazzWeek charts and stayed in the Top 120 for more than six months.Diverse has also taken initiatives to collaborate with many artists and play in a variety of musical settings. The group has performed with jazz greats Bobby Watson, Jaleel Shaw and Logan Richardson in a series of concerts designed to promote these respective artists’ music to a new audience. Diverse has also collaborated with many Kansas City based artists of other genres to perform shows in tribute to Michael Jackson, Common’s “Like Water For Chocolate” and A Tribe Called Quest’s “Low End Theory”. The Diverse Trio, consisting of Mehari, Leifer and Lee, has conducted both stateside and European tours in the past two years. DIVERSE

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