domenica 4 maggio 2014


Leeann Atherton is sometimes known as the "Queen of South Austin". She eschews the title but it is given to her because she is the heart of a vibrant musical community in the "Live Music Capitol of the World". In Heart Traveled Road she shares the journey of that heart. Whether rocking a hot "Kiss" , admitting poison love in "Change of Heart", the Jazzy goodbye in "Remember Me", or the soulful affirmation of "Looking for a Rainbow", this CD speaks to the many paths the heart takes. Her delivery of Mike Stevenson's road song "Ode to Nowhere" comes through like a James Taylor traveling tune. "Ride Out the Blues" Leeann highlights her considerable harmonica chops along with some tasty guitar licks. Rich Brotherton's innovative string arrangement pulls the listener into the somber mood of "Soul Song" "Bougainville Sunset", my personal favorite, is a romantic memory set to a soft Latin Beat. Lush Lyrics painted on a canvas of Spanish guitar and solid rhythm.Every song on this CD is a pleasant surprise. It is a tour de force of Atherton's songwriting, her vocal delivery, and Rich Brotherton's artistry as a producer. Heart Traveled Road is a wonderful musical trip with the Queen of Hearts, Leeann Atherton. LEEANN ATHERTON

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