giovedì 29 maggio 2014


Miles Cabeceiras writes songs that accurately describe his vision of experiencing life in South East Louisiana, from hit and miss love affairs to the simple pleasures of life on the bayou. His band of seasoned musicians, The Pontchartrain Wrecks, lend credence to his musical mission and his goal of recreating the vibe of his influences which include Tom Petty, Gram Parsons, the Rolling Stones and others.The Pontchartrain Wrecks have a great name, albeit a slightly cringe-worthy one given recent events, which unfortunately hits a little too close to home on their debut. The South span of their meat-and-potatoes radio rock can jostle you all over the place, as on “Anyway, Anyhow,” but it can also hypnotize you with its sameness; they don’t sound locked in a groove so much as stuck in a gear. PONTCHARTRAIN WRECKS

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