giovedì 1 maggio 2014


Heralding from the suburbs of Bristol, Rich comes from a family of musicians that draw influences from an array of differing musical styles, ranging from Jazz, Funk and Soul, to Rock/Pop, Blues and Hip-hop. Aside from being an active member in a number of projects such as Mango Factory, Trip The Switch, Murrumbidgee, In Extremis and The Trish Brown band, his latest solo project, self-titled, The Rich O'Brien Project,  merges grooves reminiscent of a Marcus Miller or Soulive record with ambient melodies that explore a range of musical styles.he Rich O'Brien Project are a formidable 5/6 piece Nu-soul/Jazz/Funk outfit heralding from the cultural hub of Bristol. Fronted by bass player, Rich O'Brien, who's playing merits also include working with the likes of Roni Size, Joker, Robert Brian (Suissiex siex), James Morton, Jay Wilcox, William Cartwright and Celestine (from BBC's "The Voice"), the project features Rich's beautifully rich and succinct original compositions. Merging grooves reminiscent of a Marcus Miller or Soulive record with soul-drenched melodies, The Rich O'Brien Project’s modern blend of Funk, Nu-Soul, Jazz, and R’n’B styles appeals to both astute listeners and dance floor goers alike. With the rich ‘grooves for moves’ and soulful melodies characteristic of smoke-filled jazz clubs seen in their acclaimed award winning début album, "Hot Potato", their new album, "Horizons" is not to be missed. "This is unquestionably music that is destined to fill, and captivate, jazz and soul clubs the length and breadth of the country and beyond." (John Toolan, 2012).THE RICH O'BRIEN PROJECT

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