giovedì 5 giugno 2014


Chris Carroll is a New York City-based drummer, who has amassed a vast musical vocabulary. Stylistically, his drumming pulses with cross-cultural rhythms. With roots deep in rock music and a love for jazz & improvised music, Chris is known for performing music that is simple in form to extremely complex. His awareness of musical dynamics supports the artist’s ability; he or she can be reticent, or, in the alternative, explosive and an all-out powerhouse.  Drawing from a diverse pool of musical and spiritual influences, Chris blends his curiosity for different cultures with an eye (and ear) towards the future.Recently, Chris released, “Current Shifts,”  which is his second CD as a leader. This jazz-based project is driven by influences ranging from South American traditional music to music originating from Mid-Eastern cultures. “Current Shifts” is a bold followup to Chris’ first album, “Facing Away,” which features his own idiosyncratic arrangements of the music of a number of jazz icons, such as Ornette Coleman, Thelonious Monk and Charles Mingus.Chris’ is also in demand as a sideman, having recorded with  Nat Janoff,  Bryan Murray and Justin Flynn . He plays regularly with many of New York’s finest musicians, including Rez Abbasi, Donny McCaslin, Francois Moutin, Ben Monder, Brad Shepik, Ron Affif, Paul Bollenback, Hans Glawischnig, Alex Blake, Pedro Giraudo, Jay Azzolina, Matt Penman, George Colligan, Felix Pastorius, Ben Street, Drew Gress, Vic Juris and Sam Blais, while touring internationally. CHRIS CARROLL

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