domenica 8 giugno 2014


As a classical clarinetist, Hideaki Aomori has recorded two classical albums as the Pierce-Aomori duo,is a member of y Music, and has worked with the Philip Glass Ensemble, Kennedy Center Opera Orchestra, The Knights, choreographer Benjamin Millepied, and ACME (American Contemporary Music Ensemble). As a multi-instrumentalist, Hideaki mostly works in jazz, indie, theater, and film music.  Some of his recent activities include recording his jazz album, Glue (tenor sax, clarinet) , a tour with Gabriel Kahane (clarinets), playing Ghost the Musical (saxes, clarinets, flute, piccolo) and performing Schonberg's Pierrot Lunaire and Messiaen's End of Time Quartet with ACME. Hideaki has conducted masterclasses and individual lessons at universities and schools in the US and abroad.When he is not touring, Hideaki can be heard playing Matilda on broadway. Hideaki did his bachelor's and doctoral degrees in clarinet performance and his master's degree in jazz saxophone. HIDEAKI AOMORI

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