lunedì 2 giugno 2014


Rik Wright’s Fundamental Forces is an innovative collection of modern progressive jazz players who’ve developed a rich library of original repertoire that is hauntingly beautiful, thoughtful, and evocative.
Their performances effectively pull together the two extremes of acoustic and electric jazz without sacrificing the crystalline character of either. On their debut release the quartet immerses us in a unique world of dark and beautiful modern jazz soundscapes, with Wright’s guitar at the helm steering through an array of intriguing original compositions. The group formed as one of the house bands for the Zero-G Concerts & workshops, a bi-weekly series of productions taking place in venues all over Seattle WA, and has quickly established itself at the forefront of Seattle’s resurging jazz fusion scene. This is by far Wright’s most impressive performance to date –deftly navigating his cohorts with a purpose and balance indicative of a seasoned musician of his stature. Even more remarkable is the caliber of musicians he’s assembled for the journey. Multi-instrumentalist James DeJoie is prominently featured throughout. DeJoie, an underground hero in the renowned Seattle progressive jazz scene, is primarily known for his stellar performances on baritone saxophone. However, on this outing he eschews the bari, opting for a plethora of other reed instruments instead –clarinet, alto sax and flute chief among them. Celebrated bassist Geoff Harper is the foundation of the ensemble –steadfastly holding down the lines of Wright’s scores with a wistful spontaneity and freedom rarely seen in these territories. Over top, rather than underneath, sails drummer and percussion Greg Campbell, who’s performance throughout this recording is far too stunning to adequately describe. All in all, this is a release not to be missed –an exhilarating tour de force by an amazing new quintet. Hopefully there is much more to come.

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