lunedì 2 giugno 2014


Pastors are raving about the music ministry of Sam Powell:"Sam has a gift from God of letting his humanity deliver the message – and it does. It’s not an act, it’s a testimony of Grace driven faith and praise."Sam Powell's concert was a true worship experience! He was genuinely praising the Lord and not putting on a show. I found his music both biblical and inspirational. He sings truth about God, salvation and the Christian life."Sam is the whole package. He brings to your ministry his talents and his testimony. His musical ability is so vast and so diversified, I had to ask myself is there any instrument he doesn't play? I marveled at the message in his faith-filled music all the while clothed in the purest of humility.""Sam's spiritual giftedness is to use music as an avenue of praise and proclamation of the truth of God. The overall effect is edification, encouragement and evangelism through the Word in song.""What a blessing and inspiration, Sam Powell and his music ministry. He not only offers up worship to the Lord, but adds the extra blessing of teaching God's Word, through song and testimony. All of us here were moved and challenged to serve. "Find out for yourself what others are so excited about... With his latest release, "Go To Nineveh", Sam delivers song after song of catchy melodies and cool horn riffs, but most importantly biblical truth that will touch your heart and soul with the gospel of Jesus Christ. SAM POWELL

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