lunedì 14 luglio 2014


Eliza Neals is a dynamic front woman, multi-talented musician plus the voice of the 'new blues' for a younger generation. Eliza is a 2013 Detroit Music Award winner for "Messin with a Fool" which received "Outstanding Blues/R&B Recording (album)" and "Rock Songwriter!" In 2012 Eliza won "Outstanding Blues Songwriter" at theDMAs.National press and radio says "Eliza has such power in her voice that she can take on a big song and do it real justice" DJ Phill Penny Radio Trent UK. "Eliza Neals hits you right between the eyes…" Blues Blast Magazine. “Eliza Neals “The Detroit Diva" is the name: This Diva has claws and sharp teeth..." Wasser Prawda German Magazine. "This album of “Stiletto Blues” first came out in January 2012, but it keeps finding itself back in the news and for a very good reason… " The DirtyLowDown "Neals' style is incendiary and unabashed." Real Detroit Weekly.Touring this year in Miami Beach, Las Vegas, Nashville, Chicago, Detroit and New York to name a few stops Eliza Neals is "in her own lane with the pedal to the metal!" The award winning sultry and powerful blues rock vocalist, recording artist, performer and producer is being compared to greats like Etta James, Amy Winehouse, Adele and Ricki Lee Jones among others. This is a night for old and new fans to enjoy something classic and cool from Detroit the city that drives your soul."Eliza Neals’s 'Messin’ with a Fool' is the record that people who have seen Neals live will have been hoping she would release. Neals, for the uninitiated is the sultry swingin’, croonin’ jazz Queen of the D. She’s like Amy Winehouse without the obvious addiction issues or the hair. The songs are certainly in place...." METROTIMES Jan 2012 ELIZA NEALS

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