martedì 22 luglio 2014


In 2006, the Juke Hounds were drawn together by a shared attitude about the world. A Midwestern grit that made each of them relate to the blues in the first place -- and then to each other.The Juke Hounds play the ”blues with a feeling” all right. But that feeling is not the familiar woe-is-me nobody-loves-me pose, but one of defiance and swagger that says "you can't keep me down." The music, the lyrics and and even the bands aggressive stage presence, announce they are a force to be reckoned with.Brittany Nader Of Buzzbin Magazine agrees that when the Juke Hounds start to play,
“it’s impossible not to get up and start shaking along to the rhythm.” Mike Fuller of Water Street Tavern, echoes the observation: "There are a lot of people dancing and moving around. Not a lot of people are sitting down…. Everyone stands and treats it like a rock show, and that's pretty much how it is."The Juke Hounds know something about defiance. When friends, family and even fellow musicians insisted that playing the blues in Ohio was a foolish waste of time, The Jukes took their advice as a personal challenge. Today, the Juke Hounds are rocking the blues to packed houses across Northeast Ohio -- not to mention all the way to Memphis.In 2010, The Juke Hounds won the Cleveland Blues Society “Road To Memphis” competition and represented Akron, Canton, and Cleveland at the 2011 International Blues Competition in Memphis where the band showcased at the Hard Rock Café’ on Beale Street. This year (2013), the Juke Hounds won the NEOBA Blues Competition and will represent Northeast Ohio at the 2014 International Blues Competition held in Memphis TN.

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