sabato 30 agosto 2014


Selected as Blues Harmonica Player of the Year by the Bay Blues Society in 2004, Birdlegg has been blowing the blues in the Bay Area for over 20 years.Based on his deep belief in preserving the blues, one of the highlights of Birdlegg's career was a project he did with Willie Dixon in bringing teaching of blues to Oakland schools. Birdlegg continues to give lessons in blues harmonica and mentors many young players.Birdlegg has appeared in many major venues, including the San Francisco Blues Festival, Mount Rushmore National Memorial Park and tours of Europe.Birdlegg learned about music on his grandpop's back porch. The blues grabbed hold of Bird then, and never let go. "All other forms of music, I had to learn to love, but with the blues, there was no trying at all. I just love it," he said. He played his first gig with Massalah, then a blues icon in Berkeley. He played with the much beloved Cool Poppa for 13 years. He formed the first Tight Fit Blues Band in 1980, but it was another decade before he felt he'd earned his rightful place next the bluesmen elders."Everything I am is wrapped up in music," he said. "I'm so fortunate to have something no one can take from you. They can take your money, your wife, your kids. But they still can't take the music. It's yours."ecently, Birdlegg moved to Texas. There he is fronting a new group of great musicians, known as the Texas Tightfit Bluesband. Birdlegg continues to win over new fans every day by keeping the blues alive. BIRDLEGG

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