sabato 2 agosto 2014


The music combines all the different musical traditions Joe has been involved in – years of Classical training (composing from an early age, singing in choirs and playing in orchestras), whilst at the same time playing in all manner of bands and ensembles, DJing and producing, and performing live improvised experimental music.By tapping into the energy of virtuoso drum solos and adding the elements of other music that are dark and beautiful, he creates Electronic music made with acoustic instruments, drums, field recordings and natural sounds – intense, beat-driven Classical textures with layers of energy, emotion and atmosphere.Like all of Joe's mixtapes, there is a broad and multi-layered range of music and sound from around the world, from contemporary releases stretching back to the 1940's and something from every decade in-between - including imagined collaborations such as Burial with vocals from Argentinian folk legend Mercedes Sosa, or Linton Kwesi Johnson reciting poetry over Tipper's immaculately-produced beats.There is also a wealth of sound design and spoken word, taken from interviews with composers, radio programmes (many recorded by Joe), and poetry recitals.Other artists making appearances in this fast-paced mix include Four Tet, King Tubby, Frank Sinatra, Junip, Kidkanevil and Daisuke Tanabe, Squarepusher, The Four Tops, DJ Shadow, Floex, Finley Quaye, Clarinet Factory, Origamibiro and many more…HIDDEN ORCHESTRA

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