venerdì 12 settembre 2014


Christos Anestopoulos born in Patras,Greece in 1971.
He study classic guitar and he got diploma on the instrument.
He study electric guitar and he got lessons and clinics from many great jazz guitarist.He is a teacher of Guitar.He has compose music for dance and theater,movies and he release two albums with his music``swinging over the surfaces`` and ``wish you could stay``
There’s no avoiding the influence of Bill Frisell on this recording. And considering that fellow-guitarist Anestopoulos names two separate tracks “Friselland” indicates he’s fully invested in Frisell’s sound as both musician and fan. As a huge Frisell fan, this album totally floated my boat. There are tracks that sound eminently like Frisell pieces. There are tracks that sound nothing like Frisell pieces, but the use of electronics and looping and effects, and a strangely ominous jazz-folk hybrid put it smack dab in the middle of Frisell territory. A couple tracks incorporate some elements of Anestopoulos’ native Greece, and nothing about that breaks the album’s cohesion. Kind of jazz, kind of folk, kind of rock, all of them but none… music with personality and dramatic expressionism. Not just for fans of Frisell. A series of guests contribute to this album, on a variety of wind instruments, strings, and percussion. Very cool. CHRISTOS ANESTOPOULOS

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