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Giles grew up in Trumbull, CT and came to Chicago in 1993. His first gig was with Buddy Scott and the Rib Tips (who is the grandfather of the bass player on this album, Joewaun Scott-- he was 15 and Giles was 18 when they first met. Do the math if you must). Giles played every weekend at Lee's Unleaded Blues for over a year, honing his craft. Lee's Unleaded is now rather famous, as it is sadly the only functioning blues club left on the South Side of Chicago. After graduating the University of Chicago in 1997, Giles joined Billy Branch and the Sons of Blues. This was a pivotal gig for the young guitar player, and his first exposure to national and international touring. In addition, Giles played some shows and recorded with Syl Johnson and Buddy Miles at this time. In 2001 Giles was hired by his long-time guitar hero, Otis Rush, to play in his band. Giles toured with Otis Rush until the elder guitarist's 2004 stroke sadly made live performances impossible. In 2001 Giles Corey, along with drummer Rick King and pianist Marty Sammon (both on this session) founded the band Lubriphonic. Marty soon left to join Buddy Guy's band, but Giles and Rick managed to release 4 studio albums, and one live album. Giles was the singer and songwriter for the band. Lubriphonic's relentless tour schedule and energetic work ethic honed the skills of an inexperienced songwriter and front man. As Giles developed as a songwriter, he sought more of the truth he found in roots and blues music. Lubriphonic had been a fantastic live band with infectious rythms and catchy horn lines. However, Giles longed to try other ideas, ones that did not fit within the rubrick of Lubriphonic. When Lubriphonic stopped touring in 2011, the seed was planted for a new project. GILES COREY'S

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