venerdì 12 settembre 2014


Jazz singer, songwriter and pianist Tamuz Nissim from Tel Aviv in Israel has spent the last six years in Europe performing with the most talented musicians in festivals and music venues, leading her own projects as well as singing in different bands, theatre shows and movie soundtracks.Her debut CD “The Music Stays in a Dream” (2013) featuring her original compositions was presented in radio shows in Israel, the Netherlands and Greece and in several festivals such as the Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival, the Preveza Jazz Festival, the Montofoli Festival and the Tinos Jazz Festival. Her performances won warm reactions from the audience and the press, describing Tamuz as a “very charismatic artist” (BHMagazino), “a voice that caresses your soul” and “a proof that jazz is a living art and that stars are still being born” (Athens Digital).Tamuz grew up in an artistic family; her mother is a dancer and a choreographer and her father is a writer. Both of them play an instrument and have a great love for classical and jazz music. She started playing classical piano at the age of 6. She started to sing when she was 14 and she was accepted to the Jazz music department of the Ironi Alef High School of the Arts. Her high school band appeared twice at an open stage at the Tel Aviv Jazz Festival. At this time she won twice a scholarship from the American Israeli Art Foundation. By the age of 16, Israeli jazz giants such as Ofer Ganor, Amos Hoffman and Shay Zelman had recognized her potential and performed with her. In 2005 she sang in the soundtrack of Ilan Heitner’s movie ‘Bruno in Love’. At this time she also worked with a group of dancers and composed the music to a dance show, her mother’s adaptation of ‘A Street Car Named Desire’.She moved to the Netherlands in 2007 to study at the prestigious Royal Conservatoire of Den Haag; from there she received a Bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts. In the Netherlands she met musicians from around the world and started collaborating with the guitarist Giorgos Nazos, the bassist Vassilis Stefanopoulos and the pianist Francesca Tandoi, with whom she recorded her debut CD. In 2012 she played the main role in a Jazz Musical “One doubt Arose in the mind of a noble Vigilante” The performances ware fully booked and well accepted.Tamuz spends her time travelling between Greece, Israel and Holland, performing with her band and as a guest artist in music venues and festivals. She leads two versions of her quartet, one in Greece and one in Israel, both with the guitarist Giorgos Nazos, with whom she has been playing for the last 6 years. She also performs with other influential artists such as the Greek singer Martha Mavroidi; their project of voice improvisations was presented in 2013 at Women’s Festival in Israel. TAMUZ NISSIM

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