sabato 18 ottobre 2014


The Brandon Miller Band is an exploration into the blues spectrum. This rock-powered trio are in the midst of creating and writing their own music and tailoring select blues gems for substantial 2014 shows. We invite you to experience a truly explosive celebration of music. Brandon Miller has been very popular in the Kansas City area now for several years. This young guitarist plays with the finesse and skill of a player twice his age. While being influenced by many other great blues musicians, his interpretation and style of blues will hit you with a sense of emotion . . . and he will mean every note of it. Let the tones soak into your heart as you listen and enjoy his heavy blues-influenced style."These times they are a changin' and it is thanks to great rock artists like Brandon Miller that the blues can live on. Soulful playing with clear influence from artists including Joe Bonamassa, Jimmy Page, Stevie Ray Vaughan and more give The Brandon Miller Band an unforgettable sound. The ten-track "Slow Train" album (2014) is filled with great blues rock tunes, and artwork like no other. Despite his age, Brandon Miller is working with incredible artists Danielle Schnebelen of Trampled Under Foot (one of the first bands to join AMS, and the 2008 IBC winners). If you haven't heard Miller sing the blues, take a trip to Kansas City just to hear him sing and play. You won't regret it! This is one album that I'll be listening to for a VERY long time!" - AMS Entertainment BRANDON MILLER BAND

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