venerdì 10 ottobre 2014


Almost 3 years after the release of his first album "Seventy Seven" G's Way is back with his new album entitled "Patchwork". It is with the same ingredients that G's Way comes to light: a powerful rhythm section, served by a heavy brass section and talented soloists from the international scene. Always influenced by his mentors like Fania all stars, Deodato, or Fela Kuti and Grover Wahington Junior, "Patchwork" offers us a journey from funk to Latin music, through jazz and afro-beat. But this time, "G's Way" has invited 3 rappers to complete this musical revolution, marking a major change compared to Seventy Seven .. With this touch of Hip-hop, "Patchwork" finally lives up to its name, and bring G's Way in another dimension ... I hope you like it! G'S WAY

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