lunedì 10 novembre 2014


I formerly played with Candye Kane, Earl Thomas, Freddie Brooks, & Thomas Yearsley of the Paladins and I have been running my own band since 1999. My usual outfit is a 4-piece (guitar, bass, & drums with either piano or harmonica), but I also put together intimate acoustic duos and large 6- or 8-piece bands. It has always been by goal to provide a traditional, but high-energy electric blues show.Check out this insane show that Aki Kumar is putting on! I'm so grateful to be a part of the opening act backing up Alabama Mike with Kid Andersen! Then we get to watch & hear Kim Wilson with Chicago heavyweights Billy Flynn and Barrelhouse Chuck, backed by Larry Taylor (Canned Heat, Tom Waits, John Mayall) on bass and Richard Innes (Fabulous Thunderbirds, Bacon Fat) on drums.This music was recorded, engineered, and mastered by Kid Andersen at Greaseland in San Jose, California in September & October of 2014. KYLE JESTER

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