martedì 18 novembre 2014


Americana, roots music, rough-around-the-edges folk. Canadian songwriter Lynne Hanson prefers “porch music with a little red dirt.” Hanson songs are like a favorite pair of jeans. They're rough around the edges, faded and worn through in spots, with a bit of honestly-acquired dirt ground into the seams. And they're expressed in a rich voice coupled with accomplished guitar playing that demands repeated listening. Hanson grew up in Ottawa Canada, and starting playing guitar when she was 14, learning on a hand-me-down from an older brother. She released her award-winning debut album – Things I Miss – in 2006, and with tales to tell, two more albums quickly followed – Eleven Months (2008) and Once the Sun Goes Down (2010). Each new release garnered critical praise, earning Hanson a Canadian Folk Music Award nomination in 2009, an invitation to the Kerrville Folk Festival as a New Folk Finalist, and a year later the prestigious Colleen Peterson Songwriting Award handed out annually by the Ontario Arts Council.Then … silence: A four-year hiatus from recording. It was time to kick dirt over the tracks on the trail. Lynne took some time to take control of her personal life and with it, a new approach to song writing. Her fourth studio album slated for release in Fall 2014 – River of Sand – is the creative output of that very personal journey. On River Of Sand she’s been fortunate to work with Juno-winning songstress Lynn Miles as producer. “The songs on this record are honest and fearless” say Miles, and the search for truth that’s always guided Hanson’s work takes a turn to the raw. LYNNE HANSON

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