martedì 18 novembre 2014


Sam-One is a Blues Guitarist from the San Francisco Bay Area. Born in Memphis, Tenn. July 10th, 1951. He began playing the guitar at the age of eight years old. He also is a vocalist, songwriter, composer and producer. Sam-One broke into the Southern Soul Market in 2009. With the release of his CD titled ( You Ain't Right ). "Let's Make Love Tonight " made it in the top twenty. Southern Soul RnB Songs of 2010. Puts Sam-One up there among the best. " You Ain't Right " the title track. Is a favorite among Southern Soul DJ's. His unique style is what made Sam-One stand out as a respected artist of today. Listen to the way he hit those Blues Licks that make you sit up and take notice. Sam-One is destined to be one of the premier Blues Artist around. Although he only has one CD on the market Sam-One is a seasoned musician who has played with the best and held his own. There is more to come from Sam-One who is currently becoming a household name in the music industry. His skills as an arranger is evident on his CD. The way he put together his CD the man knows his business. Sam-One is an artist you need to follow. To purchase his CD go to CD you will not be disappointed. SAM-ONE

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