lunedì 3 novembre 2014


The Gravel Project is a Boston based band with a sound that spans multiple genres, including modern blues, funk, and rock. Having played to packed rooms at various clubs throughout Greater Boston, including The Middle East, Church, Tommy Doyles (former House of Blues), in addition to a residency at The Savant Project, The Gravel Project electrifies crowds with both inventive original songs and creative interpretations of well known classics. With the release of More Ways Than One, the band’s first full-length album, The Gravel Project has taken great strides to further define and solidify their musical style. The breadth of material on the album is both impressive and expansive, spanning everything from the smoldering Muscle Shoals soul groove of Dollar Bill, to the eccentric back-beat driven Lost, and the infectious funk-based arrangement of The Beatles I’ll Cry Instead.The Gravel Project is the brainchild of guitarist/singer/songwriter, Andrew Gravel. Though a Boston native, Gravel lived in both England and Australia for three years. While abroad, Gravel was a first-call guitarist for a number of well known acts on the London blues circuit, which led to tours throughout Europe and Australia. After relocating back to the US, Gravel was the guitarist for the legendary Martha’s Vineyard based Entrain before forming The Gravel Project. Marking a milestone event for the band, and demonstrating an inspired growth in their songwriting and stylistic definition, the release of More Ways Than One speaks to music lovers of many stripes and colors, garnering new, enthusiastic fans with each listen. Drawing on influences from the danceable grooves of bands like The Meters, the raw soul of B.B. King, the psychedelic ambition of The Allman Brothers, and the jazz complexities of John Scofield, The Gravel Project pushes funk and blues into fresh new territory, while maintaining a strong connection with the roots. THE GRAVEL PROJECT

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