venerdì 5 dicembre 2014


Born in Folkston (Georgia,USA), Karl W. Davis grew up during a time of soul music and social change in the south. As a result of his exposure to this golden era of gospel crossover radio hits, Karl developed a singing style part fire and brimstone preacher, part velvet voiced lover and part down home working class blues man. Each phrase is delivered with such intensity and emotion there is no doubt it is the absolute truth. As a songwriter and performer, Karl W. Davis is a soul man of deep sensitivity, incapable of pretense, who is a genuine example of the undeniable power that only a true messenger of love can wield responsibly. When Karl envelops his audience with the warm embrace of his voice and his authentic charismatic presence, hope is generated, shining smiles prevail. And if even one heart is touched in a real way, then his goal as a bringer of joy is a complete success ! The Sweetpeas A band of brothers brought together by common goals, inspire Karl to new heights, beyond what he may have previously imagined and reate original compositions while respectfully showing their love for the greatest soul, blues and funk artists. KARL W. DAVIS AND THE SWEETPEAS

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