mercoledì 10 dicembre 2014


Some of the jazziest, most spiritual music we've heard from Nostalgia 77 in years – a great return to territory they started hitting towards the end of the last decade – and a record that's got a rich, organic sound right from the start! The album's a jazz set through and through –well-conceived with lots of modal rhythms, topped with soaring lines on saxes, trumpet, and flute – which are all held together by these richly-colored piano lines that create a lot of warmth, without ever softening the edges of the music. The approach is quite similar to some of the recent Gondawa recordings by UK contemporaries Matthew Halsall and Nat Birchall – and titles include "Measures", "Apple", "Thoughts To Geoff", "Scallywag", "Rules", and "Island In The Sun". NOSTALGIA 77

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