mercoledì 3 dicembre 2014


Baz and Al met in hard driving rhythm and blues quintet “The AM5”, and have played together as a duo since November 2013 Big Baz: (Vocals, Slide Guitar, Guitar, Footstomp), was a stalwart of the rock scene in Essex in a band called Lizard ( who also released a C.D. “The Power Of One” ) before joining the AM5. He counts his main influence as Paul Rodgers in the vocal context. But for guitar styles Rory Gallagher etc. Al E.Bye: (Harmonicas, Percussion), was in several blues bands, punk blues bands ( The Jukes) and blues swing band The Chicago Bearcats,( who had a 12″ E.P. released on Carve Up records which was distributed by Red Lightning Records ) before forming the AM5. He counts his main influences as Lester Butler from The Red Devils, Papa Lightfoot, and Guy Forsyth, etc. Now they have joined together again in a Blues, R & B, and Rock and Roll duo: The Jives UK April 2014 debut album recorded and released “When One Door Closes” with a variety of covers from the likes of Tony Joe White, The Beatles, Howling Wolf, Sonny Boy Williamson, Jimmy Witherspoon, Seasick Steve, Free, etc. was followed up by a mini tour of Belgium and various gigs around the south east of England. The next album is already being put together with half originals and half covers. Synopsis Expect to hear the sounds of Fat Possum Records, raw and unpolished blues. The sounds of Rory Gallagher, Seasick Steve, Houndog Taylor, Sonny Boy Williamson, Red Devils, etc.“It’s hard to say exactly what we are and what we do, Blues is definitely at the core, but we’re huge fans of all sorts of American and English music and all of that comes through as well. Obviously, there are elements of traditional blues in what we do, elements of vintage rock and roll, rock, Essex R & B and all that sort of stuff. We always try to stay grounded in that traditional blues groove, and at the same time branch out and do as many different things as we can while still keeping it consistent with the sound we’ve developed.” THE JIVES UK

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