mercoledì 11 febbraio 2015


Free of genres, EYOT brings a beautiful eclectic sound that swims from rock to jazz, punk and ambient, impressionism to romanticism, all formed into strong compositions. Their live performances are filled with energy and emotions that bring the listener deep into their personal world and create a unique experience.After their critically acclaimed albums “Horizon” and “Drifters” that brouth them more then 100 concerts in 18 countries, EYOT brings us “Similarity”. Forged in Nis - Serbia, Crafted in Bristol UK, produced by Get the Blessing’s Jim Barr, this album brings a mix of many styles. Pink Floyd mixed with Nirvana, Radiohead and legacy of famous Eastern European composers of classical music, spiced up with the Balkan traditional music, it’s a recipe that EYOT presents to you in it’s own way. EYOT

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