domenica 26 aprile 2015


Israel's Blues Supergroup - this band has played with Joe Louis Walker, Lucky Peterson and Bernard Allison and opened for Johnny Winter. Featuring Dov Hammer on vocals and harmonica, Andy Watts on guitar, Ilan Hillel on bass and Alon Hillel on drums. Check out the heartbreaking , hipshaking earthquaking power of the Blues Rebels!!  We are proud to present to you "Open Road" – the new album by The Blues Rebels. The Blues Rebels began in 2012 as a one-time friendly jam between two veteran Blues artists – guitarist Andy Watts and singer/harmonica player Dov Hammer – but the immediate chemistry between the two and the powerful stage show that resulted was undeniable. The Blues Rebels soon became one of the hottest Blues bands on the Israeli scene, playing with world-class Blues artists such as Joe Louis Walker, Lucky Peterson and Bernard Allison. The band was also chosen to open for the legendary Johnny Winter, who told the band how impressed he was by their performance. After 2 years of burning up stages with their incendiary live show, the Rebels began work on their first album, a compilation of 14 original songs by Dov Hammer and Andy Watts. The band set up in the studio at Kibbutz Ma'abarot and tore through the songs in three days, capturing the live energy and passion of their infamous live show. The songs feature unique and heartfelt songwriting, blazing powerhouse Blues guitar and harmonica and soulful singing. The rhythm section is funky and in the pocket, with a groove that never quit. THE BLUES REBELS

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