mercoledì 24 agosto 2016


A small town group with big city talent, the 60 Grit Band has been transcending generes and expectations throughout Southern California since 2011. Breaking the boundaries of traditional blues, the band draws a heavy infulence from classic and modern rock, rhythm and blues, old time soul, and reggae.Singer and rhythm guitarist David Ferguson has a dynamic range and entertaining presence on the stage. Frank Orecchio, on lead guitar, plays with spirit and a swagger matched by no other. On bass, Brian Haringa plays from his soul and is the backbone of the band. A true showman on harmonica, Jeremiah Kiser plays imaginative leads and subtle rhythms. And Nick Coffey plays the drums with relentless energy and unwavering timing. Together, they play with passion and an element of "grit" that truly sets them apart from other blues/rock acts, and because they leave their hearts on the stage every show, you will never regret attending one.The 60 Grit Band's debut, self-titled album is an eclectic and energetic blend of genres and styles. Though it's rooted in the blues, the album has a fresh and soulful sound that is appreciated by audiences of all ages, and one that you can just let play from front to back. The album is available on iTunes and all the major online music retailers, and also on our website. 60 GRIT BAND

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