martedì 30 agosto 2016


Mings and Craig is a jazz guitar duo consisting of Jim Mings and Monty Craig. They are based in South Carolina and have self-released their first CD Day By Day. The album includes classics such as “Day By Day,” “Till There Was You,” “Nature Boy,” “Emily,” “I Thought About You,” “’Round Midnight,” and others. This project is the culmination of 28 years of musical and personal friendship. The album unfolds as a thoughtful musical conversation between two people who deeply listen to each other and share mutual respect.Jim and Monty’s unique gift is to create beautiful melodic music that speaks directly to the heart. Their style is peaceful, uncluttered, straight-ahead, and swinging! In Day by Day, they chose songs that tell stories. These songs appeal to all people, no matter what type of music they like. Because Monty and Jim are grounded in their shared goal of taking the listeners to happy destinations, there is plenty of room for joyful exploration and improvisation during the journey. MINGS AND CRAIG 

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