martedì 27 settembre 2016


Its goal is to explore a cosmopolitan view of the world through the lens of a wide range of Turkish traditions, alone and in conversation with the musics of the formerly Ottoman peoples—Greeks, Jews, Armenians, Arabs, Kurds, mystics—as well as with western and other world traditions including Jazz. The DÜNYA collective includes specialists in contemporary composition, jazz, Ottoman music, early European music, Middle Eastern Christian and Jewish music, ethnomusicology and popular music. In DÜNYA projects, research and translation combine with original composition, improvisation and musical experimentation to create lively presentations, recordings and publications aimed at engaging contemporary audiences. DÜNYA seeks to work with a wide range of cultural and religious organizations and relies on no particular political, governmental or religious affiliation or support of any kind. MEHMET ALI SANLIKOL WHATSNEXT?/DUNYA 

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