giovedì 1 settembre 2016


The Three Lions is thought to be the oldest public house in the Surrey village of Farncombe, and has stood there since at least the beginning of the eighteenth century. For many years the landlord held an annual fair each Easter Monday in an adjoining field with stalls of gingerbread, toys and other amusements such as ‘climbing the pole’, badger baiting and even bare knuckle fighting. Fortunately the amount of bare knuckle fighting has decreased in recent years, and the pub has found a new identity as Scratchers, an excellent venue for rocking blues bands from across the land. On a warm evening in June 2015 the three piece MC Band assembled for an evening of straght ahead rocking blues - Elmore James, Hound Dog Taylor and a few MC originals. It is indeed rough and raw and what you you hear is what went down. Thanks to all those who attended and to the staff and crew who pitched in so readily to help make this recording possible. THE MICK CLARKE BAND

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