giovedì 29 maggio 2014


Born and raised in Tanner, Alabama, Dee Lucas had always loved listening to music, and many genres of music were often played in his family's home. However much he wanted to play an instrument when he was younger, he had instead gone into sports, and then later graduated from the University of North Alabama in 1988 with a degree in Marketing and concentration in Computer Information Systems. A year later, he moved to Atlanta and after a couple of years of getting settled in his corporate job, Lucas suddenly got an urge to pick up the sax for the first time - at the age of 28. Once he had picked up the horn, he knew that his years of listening to music from his personal and family collections would pay off. Dee often visited local jazz clubs to get a feel for the pulse of the local scene. "Listening to some of the talented sax players around the city was education enough to build a thirst to go home and mimic what they did," says Dee. "With the combination of listening to a plethora of music on CD while going to see local cats like Darien Emory, Antonio Allen, Sam Skelton, Jimmy Brown (Brick), and trumpeters Melvin Miller and Milkshake, that was truly enough to develop a personal vote of confidence." In 1997, Lucas got his start as a musician playing as a sideman in a local band, Between 9&7. The band recorded a CD, which was a moderate regional hit. Although he got performances, both rhythm and solos, Lucas felt it was time to develop his own by ensemble to demand more challenges within himself as both a musician and entrepreneur. So, on New Year's Eve of 1999, Lucas formed his own contemporary jazz trio, Xpressions. They produced and recorded a CD titled Footprints, which gained notoriety in regional markets. The record contained the classic hit People Make the World Go Round. All of the compositions were produced and arranged by friend and keyboardist Karey Davis and assisted by the saxman himself. DEE LUCAS

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