martedì 22 luglio 2014


Ed Stallman is a guitarist and keyboardist from San Diego who currently plays instrumental blues, jazz, and rock. All songs are produced, engineered, and recorded by Ed Stallman at Coastal Eddie Studio. "I have combined sequenced background music and lead guitar parts to create some really groovy
tunes. I am a 30-year guitar, keyboard, and vocal pro. I have sold thousands of CDs and downloads on the Internet and have amassed over two million downloads and streams of my songs to date. You have probably heard some of my tunes at a local store or eatery via Trusonic music service."Ed Stallman's playing is just incredible. He is a true world-class player who delivers amazingly intricate, tasteful, grooves in each and every one of his instrumentals. When we think of guitar solos, we tend to think of cryptic riffs that are great to hear but hard to remember. Stallman is different. I can actually recall the melodies and I can sing along with his guitar riffs in the car! Stallman's mastery of blues/jazzy and funky guitar is second to nobody. Add to this some fabulous studio production - and you have it all. His album is a great example of a great guitar player, with rhythm to burn and an imagination to match.

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