lunedì 21 luglio 2014


Naomi Uyama has been steeped in classic jazz from the swing era since beginning her lindy hop career at the tender age of 16. After going crazy for swing dancing, winning international awards, and teaching around the world she began to focus more and more on the music. She began singing and studying, moving to New York City for more access to the growing traditional jazz scene there. After getting to work with some of the lindy scene's most prominent bands she decided to form her own project- the Handsome Devils.As the idea took shape the focus was on choosing the right guys. The musicians had to be great players, have respect for dancers, and work well together on and off the bandstand.  The Devils were all hand picked from the top talent in the classic jazz scenes of New York and Chicago.  Naomi considers herself so fortunate to get to work with her dream swing band line up, and is constantly in awe of the Devils' musicianship.Though formed recently the individual members have decades of experience swinging hard and keeping dancers happy.  They have just released their debut self titled CD, and have played across the U.S. in renowned ballrooms and at pro competitions, and at the world's largest swing dance camp- Herräng, in Sweden.  NAOMI AND HER HANDSOME DEVILS

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